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Traditional / Create your own

Traditional Pizza: Start with the timeless duo of cheese & tomato, then craft your own Eastbourne pizza masterpiece!

Pizza Stop Special

Pizza Stop Special: A gourmet blend of meats, fresh veggies, and Mediterranean olives. Eastbourne’s pride in a slice!

Peking Duck

Peking Duck Pizza: A delightful blend of Italian pizza craft and iconic Chinese Peking duck flavour, only in Eastbourne!

Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pizza: A marine medley with prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, cockles, and vinegar-marinated mussels. Dive into Eastbourne’s oceanic crust!

Mexican Stop

Mexican Stop Pizza: Dive into a spicy adventure with onions, green peppers, and our signature homemade Mexican chicken. Eastbourne’s Mexican fiesta on dough!

China Stop

China Stop Pizza: Where crispy cashews, juicy sweetcorn, and aromatic Chinese chicken come together in Eastbourne!

BBQ Stop

BBQ Stop Pizza: A smoky extravaganza with Hickory BBQ sauce, spicy beef, tender chicken, onion, and crispy bacon. Eastbourne’s BBQ haven!

BBQ Meatball

BBQ Meatball Pizza: Dive into smoky Hickory BBQ sauce, juicy meatballs, spicy sausage, and crispy bacon. The ultimate meat feast in Eastbourne!

Porky Stop

Porky Stop Pizza: A pork-filled extravaganza with pepperoni, salami, ham, sausage, onions, and bacon. Elevate the taste with BBQ sauce in Eastbourne!

Meaty Pizza

Meaty Pizza: Dive into layers of ham, spicy beef, and sausage goodness, all waiting for you in Eastbourne!


Bolognaise Pizza: A delectable fusion of mushroom, onion, and rich bolognaise sauce. Italian heritage served in Eastbourne.

Bombay Stop

Bombay Stop Pizza: A vibrant mix of mushroom, onion, green pepper, chicken tikka, and crushed chilli. Experience Indian-Italian fusion in Eastbourne!


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