Welcome to the epitome of flavor and variety with our “Pizza Stop Special”. Residing proudly at 1, High Street, Old Town Eastbourne, BN21 1HG, this pizza symbolizes the art of masterful topping combinations and culinary expertise.

The Pizza Stop Special isn’t just any regular pizza; it’s a palate adventure waiting to unfold.

Ingredients Breakdown of Pizza Stop Special:

  • Pepperoni: Bringing in smokiness with a hint of spice, pepperoni is the flavor booster.
  • Salami: A touch of tang and rich meatiness is what salami contributes.
  • Ham: Its subtle sweetness perfectly balances the other meaty toppings.
  • Beef: Rich and hearty, beef adds depth to the pizza’s profile.
  • Mushroom: Earthy and meaty in its own right, mushrooms are the vegetarian’s meat.
  • Onion: For that slight sweetness and crunch.
  • Green Pepper: Freshness in every bite.
  • Fresh Tomato: Juicy and vibrant, it keeps the pizza moist and tangy.
  • Olives: Those little bites of salty Mediterranean flavor.

Beverage & Sides Recommendation: Given the extensive range of toppings, a chilled craft beer or a sparkling soda would be the ideal drink companions. As for sides, some garlic parmesan breadsticks or a fresh garden salad would be apt.

Dining Done Right: For all the Eastbournians and its cherished visitors: If you’re seeking the ultimate pizza experience that offers variety and depth in flavor, our Pizza Stop Special is the pinnacle. Stop by, order online, or dial 01323 725550 for a pizza that truly resonates with perfection.

In essence, the Pizza Stop Special is a culinary masterpiece, meticulously crafted to offer a bite that’s both diverse and harmonious