Unveiling the “Meaty Pizza”, Eastbourne’s robust answer to meat lovers’ cravings. Tucked at our premium location, 1, High Street, Old Town Eastbourne, BN21 1HG, this pizza is the epitome of a meaty overload that promises a hearty meal in every slice.

The Meaty Pizza is a tribute to all things rich, meaty, and flavorful. When you have a craving that only the finest cuts of meat can satisfy, you know where to turn.

Diving into the Meaty Pizza Layers:

  • Ham: Delicately smoked and richly flavored, our ham slices add a savory undertone that sets the stage for the toppings to come.
  • Spicy Beef: Offering a kick of spiciness and a depth of flavor, the spicy beef is not for the faint-hearted. It’s bold and assertive, just like our passionate pizza chefs.
  • Spicy Sausage: This topping introduces a delightful hint of herbs and spices, combined with the succulence of sausage. It’s the heart of our Meaty Pizza.
  • Onion: Bringing a sweet and crisp contrast, onions ensure that the meaty flavors don’t overpower but harmonize beautifully, offering a well-rounded bite.

Beverage & Sides Recommendation: With such a heavy lineup of toppings, a chilled beer or a light sparkling beverage would complement the Meaty Pizza perfectly. On the side, think about a light garden salad or some garlic bread to balance the richness.

Meat Lovers Rejoice in Eastbourne: To all the residents and wonderful visitors of Eastbourne: When the meat cravings hit, remember our Meaty Pizza. It’s a hearty feast waiting to be devoured. Drop by, place an order online, or give us a ring at 01323 725550.

In essence, the Meaty Pizza is not just a dish; it’s an experience – one that promises to take you on a gastronomic journey of meaty goodness.

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