Introducing the “Hawaiian Pizza”, Eastbourne’s ultimate pizza escapade that transports you straight to the sandy beaches and lush tropics of Hawaii. Conveniently available at our famed location at 1, High Street, Old Town Eastbourne, BN21 1HG, this pizza is a love letter to all those who seek a slice of the exotic.

The Hawaiian Pizza is more than a dish; it’s an experience. It’s where the softness of perfectly baked pizza dough meets the playful dance of tropical flavors, ensuring a culinary journey with every bite.

Unwrapping the Hawaiian Layers:

  • Ham: Succulent and tender, the ham lends a savory richness that sets the foundation for the tropical toppings.
  • Pineapple: Sweet, tangy, and juicy – pineapples are the soul of Hawaiian Pizza, offering a burst of tropical freshness with every bite.
  • Sweetcorn: Providing a mild sweetness and delightful crunch, sweetcorn acts as a bridge, harmoniously connecting all the toppings together.

Beverage & Sides Recommendations: Given the tropical nature of the Hawaiian Pizza, a cool piña colada or fresh tropical fruit juice would be a splendid choice. As for sides, think coconut shrimp or a refreshing pineapple and cucumber salad to elevate the meal.

Tropical Bliss in the Heart of Eastbourne: For the wonderful residents and delightful guests of Eastbourne: When you crave a touch of the tropics, remember our Hawaiian Pizza. It’s a little tropical haven waiting for you. Pop by, order online, or simply give us a call at 01323 725550.

In essence, the Hawaiian Pizza is a vacation on a plate, inviting you to indulge in the delightful contrasts of savory and sweet, all while making you dream of distant shores.