Introducing Eastbourne’s pride and joy – our “Garlic Bread”, a blend of crispness and aromatic garlic flavors that tantalize your taste buds. Exclusively available at our esteemed establishment at 1, High Street, Old Town Eastbourne, BN21 1HG, this garlic bread promises unparalleled gastronomic satisfaction.

Our Garlic Bread is not just a side; it’s a meticulously crafted art piece.

Anatomy of Our Garlic Bread:

  • Golden Crust: At its foundation lies our freshly baked bread, characterized by a golden-brown crust and an inner softness that seamlessly holds the flavors.
  • Aromatic Spread: Prepared from freshly crushed garlic cloves, quality butter, and a sprinkle of select herbs, our garlic spread enriches every bite with a warm and aromatic sensation.

Pairings & Recommendations: While Garlic Bread is a popular precursor to main courses, it beautifully complements pastas, salads, and even pizzas. It’s the ideal accompaniment for any dish, and with a dab of butter or a dip of choice, the taste transcends to culinary heavens.

Eastbourne’s Baked Perfection: For those in Eastbourne who crave a taste of aromatic excellence, our Garlic Bread is a dish that resonates. You can experience this golden delight by visiting us, placing an online order, or simply giving us a call at 01323 725550.

To sum it up, our Garlic Bread is more than just a baked good; it’s an aromatic sensation that invites you back for more with every bite.